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Bullying in orthodontic
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Patients who wear orthodontics with braces are frequently bullied, which negatively influences their personality and the development of social relationships.
Bullying Clearfy Ortodoncia

Many of the patients who come to an orthodontic consultation state that simply because their teeth are misaligned, their colleagues at study or work give them nicknames, make jokes, make fun and have even harassed them on social networks.

The American Academy of Orthodontics conducted a study of 6th grade children to inquire about the main causes of bullying and窶ヲ Do you know what the results were? The diastemas, the fall of pieces and everything related to dental defects and their way of correcting them.

Many children refuse to put on dental braces, especially braces that are so conspicuous because of all the metal that needs to be placed, for fear that the bullying will persist or rise to a higher level. In a way they prefer to be the 窶徨abbit窶 in the classroom to be 窶徼he one who ate a transformer窶, bearing in mind that you cannot keep your mouth shut all day since it is necessary to eat, talk and laugh.conejo窶 del aula a ser 窶el que se comiテウ un transformer窶, teniendo en cuenta que no se puede tener la boca cerrada todo el dテュa ya que es necesario comer, hablar y reテュrse.

It has been shown that bullying received during orthodontic treatment of this type has a negative influence on the ability of children and young people for the learning process and the development of social and interpersonal relationships. Specialists agree that it can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and if it is of great intensity or very prolonged in time, it can lead to suicide.

On the other hand, adults who are inclined towards this type of treatment tend to be much more insecure at work and with society in general, it decreases their work performance and generates tensions in the work and family environment product of inferiority complexes and for a break with traditional beauty schemes.

Just dealing with the painful and uncomfortable process is not enough, but psychological conflicts and personality disorders caused by bullying are also added, so ... Are braces really a solution or is it the trigger for a bigger problem?


Orthodontics with Brackets is very effective but the number of people who want to have wires in their mouth is decreasing due to the disadvantages they bring for those who opt for this treatment.

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