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How much do invisible aligners cost?

Clearfy technology is your opportunity. A treatment accessible to all people, with competitive prices and various payment facilities. Invisible aligners are one of the fashion trends in contemporary orthodontics.
Costo Alineadores Transparentes Clearfy

Transparency is the main hook of its boom, since they have come to revolutionize from the aesthetic point of view orthodontic treatments that until their arrival on the market had been led by metal brackers. But it is not their only virtue, the Clearfy brand aligners are comfortable, made to measure and easy to remove, thus facilitating the care of the gums and oral health in general. Likewise, this treatment has proven to be 30% more effective and economical than those of the competition.

In the world, a complete treatment to align the teeth has prices that range from 3,000 to 7,000 usd, considering the place where they are contracted. In Europe, recent studies show that completing a treatment with ClearCorrect or ClearStep technology can have a cost in the order of € 3,000 to € 4,500, while in Mexico it is valued between $ 3700 usd and $ 6500 usd with Invisalign and this can go up to $ 7,400 in the United States.

Los tratamientos con Clearfy siempre se orientan a las necesidades del cliente, incluyendo el coste de los mismos. Nos hemos asegurado de ofrecer diferentes opciones para el pago con oportunidad de optar por membrecía o suscripción mensual, financiación o a través del seguro. En Clearfy el precio es lo de menos, siempre tendremos el plan más apropiado para ti. (Cost of Clearfy Treatment)

Clearfy technology is your opportunity. A treatment accessible to all, with competitive prices and various payment facilities. Contact us and discover everything our specialists can do for you.


Orthodontics with Brackets is very effective but the number of people who want to have wires in their mouth is decreasing due to the disadvantages they bring for those who opt for this treatment.

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Patients who wear orthodontics with braces are frequently bullied, which negatively influences their personality and the development of social relationships.

Como funciona los alineadores de Clearfy

How do Clearfy invisible aligners work?

Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.

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