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How do Clearfy invisible aligners work?

Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.
Como funciona los alineadores de Clearfy

By Clearfy are completely removable orthodontic splints made of BPA-free plastic, so they are easy to use and do not need the cementing that Brackets use to be fixed to your teeth.

The invisible aligners are made to fit your mouth, starting from a 3D scan of the teeth that will allow you to design the transparent plastic splint and model the appropriate treatment for each patient.

The duration of each treatment will depend on the initial state and the discipline with which the use of the invisible aligners is assumed. To have the expected progress, at least 22 hours must be used each day.

During the duration of the designed treatment, the patient will receive a certain number of aligners, each one designed to make progressive corrections of the smile until the desired state is achieved.

Los alineadores invisibles de Clearfy son muy cómodos de usar, solo debes colocarlos sobre los dientes y presionarlos un poco con los dedos hasta ponerlos correctamente.

Clearfy's invisible aligners are very comfortable to use, you just have to place them on the teeth and press them a little with your fingers until they are correctly placed. Once incorporated, your teeth will gradually begin to move as a result of the pressure exerted by the splint. You may start to experience mild discomfort that passes over time. They become more apparent when you start with a new pair of aligners. Pain is just a sign that the procedure is working.

Depending on the condition of each patient, the transparent aligners are changed approximately every two weeks, and in this way the teeth will be in continuous progress. In our clinic we take care of taking them to the door of your house so it will not be a problem for you to follow this treatment.

Tooth aligners do not harm the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed to the gum level. When you start using them, you must take into account the care so that they remain transparent (Make a link to Habits to take care of invisible orthodontics) and clean. If you still don't know how to do it, I suggest you read the following article: Tips for cleaning invisible aligners

Invisible orthodontics is a revolutionary procedure that offers visible results in a very short time. But maintaining your perfect smile will depend on you, for this you must use a maintenance splint or retainer, to use it at night while you sleep. If you don't, your teeth may begin to move back to their previous state. The good news is that being adapted during the process will not be a major problem maintaining them.


Orthodontics with Brackets is very effective but the number of people who want to have wires in their mouth is decreasing due to the disadvantages they bring for those who opt for this treatment.

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Patients who wear orthodontics with braces are frequently bullied, which negatively influences their personality and the development of social relationships.

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