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At what age should you start wearing aligners?

Many people begin the process of correcting their teeth for cosmetic or healthy purposes, but few know when is the best time to begin.
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Invisible orthodontics is the correction of the position of the bones and teeth using appliances that are not perceptible to the eye.

Many people begin the process of correcting their teeth for aesthetic or healthy purposes, When suffering from dental malocclusions can also make you suffer from bruxism or other diseases.

At what age should you start wearing aligners?

The best age to correct the position of the teeth is when children have already lost their baby teeth. Between the ages of 6 and 12, the jaws begin to develop and can be easily molded.

However, at this age the use of invisible aligners is not usual since children are not aware of the discipline necessary for the care of the aligners, the correct hygiene and the time necessary for the aligners to correctly fulfill their mission, unless directed by an adult.

When is it recommended to start with invisible aligners?

At the age of 16, when they have already reached a certain degree of maturity and are aware of the importance of its care and correct use, to obtain the desired results in the planned time. You can expand the information in the post HOW DOES CLEARFY INVISIBLE ALIGNERS WORK?

On the other hand, if you are an adult, there is no better time to start than today. It's never too late to start your smile correction journey. For these ages, the most used orthodontics is the invisible one since they are totally discreet, elegant, invisible and comfortable.

Clear aligners have many unique virtues and characteristics, which make this type of orthodontics more and more in demand.

Clearfy presents a treatment accessible to all people, with competitive prices and various payment facilities. You can contact us through social networks, by calling 888-407-4520 / 305-306-1855 or make an appointment at through our website Clearfy Studio Doral.


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How do Clearfy invisible aligners work?

Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.

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