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5 myths about invisible orthodontics

Clearfy treatments shatter orthodontic myths, we are your chance!
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Orthodontics is a dental treatment that consists of correcting and aligning the location of the teeth and alterations of the jaw, in order to improve its appearance and functionality, which has been able to generate difficulty when biting or chewing, sometimes accompanied by pain and tooth decay.

Over the years, false theories have been built around these treatments, some of which we will demystify below:

  • Orthodontics serves only as aesthetic treatment: Its function goes beyond aesthetics. Although it is a treatment that improves the position and, therefore, the aesthetics of the teeth, it is of vital importance in the prevention of periodontal diseases, gingivitis or cavities, since aligned teeth facilitate cleaning, making it also serve to improve oral health.
  • The treatment causes weight loss: Absolutely false, especially if you use invisible Clearfy aligners that are removable, and you can remove them whenever you want. There will be no restrictions.
  • Very painful and extensive treatments: Although they may cause some initial adaptation discomfort since it is a foreign element in our mouth, there are enough resources to avoid unnecessary discomfort. The duration will depend on the situation of each patient. The less need for correction, the less duration of treatment.
  • Incompatible with sports activities: Invisible aligners do not hurt. The covers that are placed on the teeth are almost imperceptible both visually and physically. With the treatment you can do any type of sport and it is impossible to injure yourself with them. Unlike braces, with which any impact caused pain and could cause injury, with Clearfy aligners you can practice any sport, from boxing, where there can be more impact, to swimming.
  • It is a treatment only for children and young people: It is advisable to start orthodontic treatments as soon as possible. But if in your youth you could not, for various reasons, it is never too late to align your teeth. For health and aesthetics. Plus, Clearfy's invisible aligners are virtually unnoticeable. So many people won't even know you're wearing it. Age is not a concern when it comes to getting a healthy, beautiful smile.

Clearfy technology is your chance. A treatment accessible to all, with competitive prices and various payment facilities.

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Orthodontics with Brackets is very effective but the number of people who want to have wires in their mouth is decreasing due to the disadvantages they bring for those who opt for this treatment.

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Bullying in orthodontic
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Patients who wear orthodontics with braces are frequently bullied, which negatively influences their personality and the development of social relationships.

Como funciona los alineadores de Clearfy

How do Clearfy invisible aligners work?

Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.

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