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3 habits to take care of invisible orthodontics

Maintaining a perfect and transparent smile you must improve some of your habits such as brushing, or what you put in your mouth.
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Invisible orthodontics is a treatment performed with the aim of aligning any type of dental malocclusion. It consists of the placement of custom-designed orthodontic splints based on a 3D scan of your teeth.

These splints are made of a thin, BPA-free plastic that is completely transparent, and almost imperceptible to the eye. The splints are known as "Dental aligners, invisible or transparent", which must be used at least 22 hours a day, having rest times for meals, brushing, drinks and the odd craving.

The complete treatment is made up of different "set of aligners", which are designed to align your teeth gradually and continuously. So your teeth will move gradually by applying the pressure exerted by each aligner, so you may feel slight discomfort, which is a good sign, as the treatment is working properly.

Its incorporation will be more effective if you are able to adapt some of your habits to get the most out of this treatment:

Take care of brushing your teeth.

The use of clear aligners allows you to remove them when you wake up every morning or nap, before every meal, drink or before smoking. So it contributes to avoiding cavities and having better oral health.

But it will no longer be enough to brush only in the morning, but you will have to apply brushing after each meal, drink or cigarette, to remove any rest of them and maintain the transparency of each aligner.

You must also take into account the timely and correct brushing of the aligners so that they do not lose their transparency. (here put a link to article 06- Tips for cleaning invisible aligners)

Smoking damages the transparency of Clearfy aligners.

Perhaps it is time to reduce or eliminate the vice that damages your lungs, teeth, or breath so much. The cigarette not only damages health, it also damages the transparency of Clearfy aligners, despite being able to remove them.

Surely you are thinking "but if I can withdraw them, what can happen?" And the answer is simple, if you do not have the corresponding care, the residues that remain in your mouth adhere to the plastic, and on the other hand if you do not have them the indicated time (22h a day), the treatment may take longer than expected or not have the desired result.

Be careful what you put in your mouth.

Clearfy's invisible aligners are easy to remove so eating or drinking is not a major problem.

Drinking plenty of fluids is favorable for the health of each person, and although with most of them it is not necessary to remove the aligners, if we pay special attention to those that are hot, such as coffee or tea.

Remember that the aligners are made of thin plastic so the heat could deform them. In the same way, you should rinse your mouth after ingesting them so that there are no remains or heat that can damage them.

On the other hand, there are chewing gums, some use it to calm anxiety, others because they like it and enjoy it, but when using Clearfy's transparent aligners they should avoid them as they can stick to the splint.

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Clearfy invisible aligners are very comfortable to wear, plus they do not cause damage to the mouth as they are made of a thin plastic, fitted and trimmed at gum level.

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