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15 types of smile.

A smile can also mean contempt, anger, disbelief, it could show if we are lying or if we feel lost.
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The smile or act of smiling is seen as a "Gesture of joy, happiness or pleasure that is made by curving the mouth up as if to laugh, but slightly and without emitting any sound", however, it does not always point to the happiness.   

A study carried out by the American psychologist Carney Landis in 1924, showed that smiling is a natural reflection of both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

Research concludes that there are 19 different types of smile, but that only 6 indicate true happiness, joy, fun and satisfaction. All the others represent discomfort, superiority, pain, shame, horror and sadness.

And is that a smile can also mean contempt, anger, disbelief, that we are lying or that we feel lost.

The smile gestures can be characteristics of different feelings as well as they can be linked to ages or moments of life. In general, the types of smiles that have been described are: fearful, miserable, suppressed, ashamed, qualifying, cheerful-malicious, contemptuous, flirtatious, false, open, closed-lipped, sarcastic, contemptuous, and Ducehenne.

The latter, which owes its name to its discoverer, the French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne in the 19th century, and occurs due to a contraction of the major and minor zygomatic muscles near the mouth, which causes the lips to rise. What makes this smile peculiar is the contraction of the orbicularis muscle, which lifts the cheeks and creates those typical lines of happiness around the eyes. It is recognized as a genuine unfeigned smile, as it is difficult to voluntarily contract the orbicularis muscle.

Smiling is the purest and most sincere human expression, with a simple smile we can universally transmit hundreds of emotions. Genuine, charming and healthy, it is the master key that will open many doors for you and cause great happiness to you and those around you.

That said, we invite you to take advantage of the treatment at our clinic to achieve that perfect smile. Do not deny yourself the possibility of making your smile captivate in the way you have dreamed of. Just call 305-306-1855 and find out what our specialists can do for you.


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